MIFNE project supported by DINAMIC 92

Social involvement, Social involvement

Every 100 births, a child with autism comes into this world!

It is the drama of parents who long for a look, a hug, or a smile from their child. They learn to live with autism, which has a powerful impact on the family nucleus and affects their community. Autism disrupts the smooth running of relationships between family members, with overwhelming long-term effects.

There is hope! Research conducted at the Mifne Center Israel developed the Mifne method and shows that the first symptoms of autism are visible from the first year of life.

Identifying at-risk babies when the brain is at its most plastic, and providing specialist support to parents of these children, dramatically reduces the risk of developing autism.

There is hope in the world because great people believe in this project and understand the impact on human society and the importance of supporting a project that educates, promotes awareness, and intervenes early in autism.

The Tofan family, the founders of Dinamic 92 Distribution, support and believe in the Mifne concept!

Thank you, Dynamic 92!