Volunteer for Life III

Social involvement

“In the commune of Farcașa, the village of Stejarul, a forgotten village located in the Mountain Valley, at the foot of the Ceahlău Massif, we meet many elderly people with high poverty. Together with volunteers from Volunteer for Life, we helped the elderly in the flood-stricken area. That’s how I found grandma Anica, an 85-year-old woman who lives in a stable. A few years ago, the house was consumed by flames and lost everything. He moved into the nearby barn, which was eventually washed away.

With my team, we got the slurry out of the barn, took her food, furniture, and carpeting, and tried to stock her up for the winter.

Even though I am tired, I am so fulfilled by what I have been able to achieve with the most wonderful people in my life. When I say people, I mean people who have given with their heart and soul and with an open heart towards a sense of development in the social health system.